What is Afreeca

Since early May 2006 we found out about Afreeca, as almost the first streaming site knowing of it. Since then we made a unique guide, which can be found below. It took much time to make it, and much work, but it's deffinately worth it too check it out .

From time to time we update it, as needed, sometimes a new version get's released but it automatically updates then from the old version. So no need to worry with updates. Alot of Korean channels, like MBC ESPN, KBS1/2 , KBS SkySports, SBS Sports and you will find alot of Korean baseball, gaming (ofcourse live) and even 18+ channels.

How to use Afreeca

Playing Channel :

Double click on the channel ,it will play the channel after buffering finish(loading time).

GOL TV ( United States )
ESPN ( United States )
NBA TV ( China )
STAR SPORTS ( Taiwan )
CCTV5 ( China )
Sport Channel 1 ( International )
Planeta Sport ( Russia )
EUROSPORT ( France )
NRK1 ( Norway )
Shanghai Sports ( China )
MCM TOP ( France )

BBC Radio 5 Live ( United Kingdom )
Talk Sport ( United Kingdom )
BBC Radio 1 ( United Kingdom )
Radio Sport ( Russia )
2tenfm ( United Kingdom )
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